Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week #48 - Big Changes

Gran cambios...Big changes

Well this week was the last week of the change, and with the normal changes that we usually have, we also had some awfully big changes with it! As you may have seen in some photos of the changes posted in the past, we have a big meeting where all the missionaries of the mission who have changes all go to one of the chapels in the mission. It is always a blast, to gather together with your old compaƱeros and others that you know. BUT... we had an interesting zone conference this Wednesday where it was announced that we would no longer have the changes meeting. That was a big shock for everyone. But we have to remember that it really is inspiration of God, to improve that effectiveness of the mission.

With that, we already know of our changes. I am staying here in Apizaco, but Elder Acosta is finally leaving.  It was been a little bit hard on him after 6 months here. And my new companion is named Elder Cocom. The changes aren't until tomorrow, when Elder Acosta leaves and Elder Cocom will arrive. So I will be sure to get some pictures!  Thanks for everything! Love you all And I will talk to you next week!

*** Step Stats ***

Monday, January 11 - 18716
Tuesday, January 12 - 19966
Wednesday, January 13 - 10473
Thursday, January 14 - 19947
Friday, January 15 - 14510
Saturday, January 16 -22065
Sunday, January 17 - 12788

Well, the step competition has been pretty consistent lately. Cooper has been the king of steps for a while now. Mr. Missionary is walking a lot here in this bigger area, but his brothers stay pretty active with their basketball. Callahan pulled ahead of Landon this week. Neither Colton nor Keaton wear their Fitbits during games, so that does skew their results a bit. 

... I still haven't regained my motivation.

*** From the  Brothers ***
Dear Landon, it's been awhile since I wrote last so a lot has happened, I'll probably miss some things. So first the quarter is almost ending and Language Arts is probably at it's final grade which is a B+, which I'm going to have to live with because that class is so hard to get your grade up. We have taken 25 tests just in that class this semester. We got a PS4 with Battlefront and 2K16 which has been fun, I mean I haven't played it a lot but when I can, I play it quite a lot.  We lost to Bingham the other day off of a buzzer beating dunk by this 6' 10" lanky white kid. Which is rough you know, but what are you gonna do? At KFC we had a meeting the other day about releasing our new, "Nashville Hot" chicken. Which I mean it was okay, it was just spicy crispy chicken. I got the "Most Valuable Employee" over the past 3 months, so I got a pin for my hat and a bow tie. I have been running the shift as manager which was scary the first couple times but now isn't that bad. I have to run the shift this Monday as well. It;s just nerve racking when my deposit is under by a lot or over by a lot.Nashville hot releases today and I'm not sure how that is gonna go either. Anyway, miss you bro, times flying by, the one year marker is just coming up. -Callahan

Dear Landon, everybody wants the space battles, but it doesn't have them. There's just a mode where everybody is in a starship X-wings and A-wings vs. Tie fighters and Tie interceptors with hero power ups as the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1. You can't land or anything. You just spawn as a ship. It's never been laggy on the PS4, it has just exited out of the game due to our network, so it's pretty good. In my district game yesterday we played Fort Herriman. They are kind of like our nemesis because it's gone back and forth throughout the years. I hadn't played too good offensively throughout the game, but I shut down their point guard pretty good. It was a tie game 41-41 with one minutes left and they have the ball. They come down and pass it to my guy and I intercept it and get fouled. It should have been a clear-path foul because I was well ahead of everyone when they fouled me. It was double bonus, so I wasn't that nervous. I go to the line and drain both free throws and we win the game. So yeah... call him Mr. Clutch. Wuv, Keaton

Dear Landon, we had another game in Jr. Jazz and we won the game, but it was definitely tougher. In Jr. Jazz, we are not allowed to full court press, but for some reason they let the other team do, really "blind" refs. It was a really competitive game, 'cause each of us were 5-0, but these players actually argued with the refs, it is just Jr. Jazz! You wanted to know what my favorite team is, it is the Arizona Cardinals. They just won a crazy game in OT last night where there was an insane Hail Mary, but I do like Pittsburgh as well. I'm getting ready for the Shakespeare plays at school, which isn't as bad as I thought it was. I only have 3 lines, which I really like, but one is about a paragraph long. We finally got 2K16 for the PS4 and it is pretty fun. The only thing that is hard to do is the controls. Since I have been used to playing 2K14 on the Xbox, it's a lot harder to control. Other than that, I can't really remember what else had happened this week.    Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, so I did not have a game yesterday which was stupid, but I had one on Wednesday and Thursday, both of those games I got most points. In the first one we lost by 6, the score was 20-14. I got 6 points, One of them I tried to draw the foul, but I made the shot and They did not call the foul. In the second game, we lost, 32-6. We got whooped. But I got 4 of those 6 points. On the PS4 we got NBA 2K16. I haven't played it quite yet though. So the Warriors have lost four times now, to, Bucks, Maveriks, Nuggets, and Pistons. Jazz are 18 and 22. Cooper and I had to go to the dentist to see if we have any cavities. Turns out that neither of us have one so.... yyaaayy! No numb cheeks for me!  So I have like nothing to say because this was a lazy week besides school, but, that mean that is the end of this letter, so......... Love ya!     ColtBolt

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