Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Week #59 - General Conference

Lot to report for this week.. Sadly, so little time.
But I guess that I will skip to the best part...

The whole change, our biggest changes has been find investigators, that actually progress.. But we finally had a better week concerning that point! This week we found 5 new investigators, and now three of them are already progressing! We set the big goal with these children of God, who He had put in our path with baptismal dates. Also, these three people also came to (at least) one of the sessions of General Conference!

As for General Conference, it was a blast! It is that one time every six months when you get to together with all the other American missionaries and have a little English reboot. Haha just kidding, it is a lot more than that. Many of the missionaries (and members in general) love the talks from Elders Bednar and Holland. And their talks did not disappoint! Not to mention the hilarious joke made from (someone) about the Chewbaca costume.. Hahahah!! If you don't know what I am talking about, that means that you didn't watch conference! So you will have to go through each one of the talks to be able to find that quite hilarious joke.. :)

Last week of the change this week.
You will all know by next Monday if I have changes or not!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, I was playing on the trampoline earlier, and I did some nasty dunks! I did a behind the back 360, under the legs 360, off the backboard 360, and others. I had a game this week and only got 2 points, but I did some really good passing. On every Tuesday, I'm going to have 2 games because only 3 teams signed up for the league. Boston beat Golden State! It was in Golden State too! They had a 54 home game winning streak but Boston stopped it. Cooper thinks that every single Golden State fan is a bandwagon. Keaton finally got his cast off. There is a bump right under his hand. I am getting really good at ball handling and Cooper is indescribable. I did not have much to write this week because I was REALLY lazy this week. Not much going on at school either. So anyway, Love ya! ColtBolt

Dear Landon, it was great to be back at school again and play basketball with my basketball buddies. But the bad thing is that some of my friends weren't there for most of the week. McKay missed one day, Hunter missed two days, Rachel missed one day, and Bridger missed three days. But on one of those days, my friend Ryan and I had our best games yet. I ended up getting 34 points and making 6 three-pointers. Ryan ended up getting 39 points and getting 4 three-pointers. SAGE testing is in about a week with writing as the first assessment. It will be an argumentative essay and we will not receive the topic until that day. Golden State's home win streak ends at 54 with the help from the Celtics. The Warriors were doing good, only their turnovers were bad. But Boston did absolutely amazing on offense and defense as they shut them down in the fourth quarter. They had the lead for nearly the whole game, and had a lead up to ten points, as they won 109-106. Now I keep bragging to Colton, because he's a bandwagon and likes the Warriors. I think is kitty is out of heat now, because she isn't rolling around as much and isn't meowing a lot. Whenever she rolls around, I can't help but resist but fall on the floor and just rub her belly. Plenty more teams have been eliminated from contending in the Playoffs, but the Hornets and the Heat have clinched a playoff spot. I am really happy that the Hornets have clinched the Playoffs, but now we need the Jazz to clinch a playoff spot. They are currently 38-38 (.500) and in the 8th seed. I have been working on my ball handling with two balls, learning new tricks. I am definitely the trickiest person to guard in my school, because you never know what I'll do. Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, I got my cast off on Tuesday and it was so awesome to scrub and scrape all of the dead skin off. Idk why, but I just really liked washing it and seeing all the dead skin come off. I kind of made a dead skin ball. Yum! It was really disgusting, but still cool... and disgusting. Battlefront got a new update. It comes out on April 5th. I'll probably buy it and it's only 15 dollars. There's a new mode, Extraction, and I'm pretty sure the goal is for the Rebels to get this really slow moving shipment from start to finish, and the Imperials have to stop it till the time runs out. I'll probably play this game mode a lot since it's the first mode that has heroes and not a lot of players (I think 8-10 on each team). There's only two primary hero modes. The first is Hero Hunt where one person is the hero against everybody else and whoever kills the hero is the next hero, so the player with the most hero kills wins. There's only 8 players in that mode. The second is Heroes vs. Villain where all heroes are used in a round and the first team to kill all the heroes wins that round. To win the match you need to win 5 rounds. There's usually 3 heroes and 3 soldiers on each team, but with the new dlc, it'll be 4 heroes and 2 soldiers. The original heroes are Luke, Han, and Leia, and the original villains are Vader, Palpatine, and Boba Fett. The dlc takes place as the Outer Rim, aka Jabba's Palace. The two new heroes are Nien Nunb and Greedo. I didn't know who Nien Nunb was, but I found out that he's Lando's alien buddy that looks like a pancake. They're both pretty good and similar to each other from what I've seen. But seriously? Nien Nunb? Out of Obi-Wan, Yoda, Chewbacca, Lando, and R2, they pick Nien Nunb! The 2nd of 4 dlcs will launch in the Summer. It's a Bespin Cloud City dlc, so there's a likely chance to see Lando in that one (so much better than Pancake Face). Anyway, I'll most likely play Extraction since you can be a hero as a power up. There are two other modes where you can be a hero as a power up, but it's 20 vs. 20. Those modes are really hard for me and I've never gotten a hero power up before. You could also roll from side to side in the dlc. So yeah... the 3rd quarter ended and I maintained a 4.0 the whole quarter. Wuv, Keat

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