Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week #61 - Get a Haircut

I took this phone from Adan (the young man at my side),
took a picture, and am now sending it to you!

(This is the first "surprise photo" that we have received from Landon! I keep telling him to give out our email address to anyone he's with who is willing to take a picture and send it to us!) Not much a letter today, no group letter, just a small note to the brothers (below) and this small note to me ...

Not much to report about the area for now.. We had a hard week.. But the work goes on! We arrived late to our meeting on Wednesday, so I wasn't able to send pictures off. I got the package finally! I could tell that they have opened it, but I don't know what could possibly be missing.. It was so full! It was basically exploding! Love you lots!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, I forgot to tell you last week that it was Jake's homecoming. I'd say the only thing different about him is that he's got gold hair like a stallion. I finished the first SAGE writing test, but the second one is tomorrow and Tuesday. This one should be easier because it is an informative essay so it's, like, three paragraphs. I do better on argumentative essays though because I actually know the structure to it. I don't really understand what to do in an informative one. I don't really care about it though. The Battlefront people gave some information on the new DLC that's releasing in June. It's going to be taken place on the Cloud City of Bespin and the two new heroes are Lando and Bounty Hunter Dengar. I don't know who he is. I'm excited about Lando though, and they also said that there will be a total of 8 heroes and villains after all the DLCs. That probably means that they'll change Heroes vs. Villains so everybody will start as a hero. That'll be cool. Dad is making a rib dinner tonight in his new smoker. It takes about 5 hours to cook. The smoker is in the garage and I can literally smell it from here. It's torture! My mouth is watering. They look so good! So yeah... Wuv, Keat

Dear Landon, so the regular season is officially done, and it is time for the Playoffs. But before I talk about the Playoffs that have already started, I need to talk about the last day of the season. Sadly, Houston won Sacramento, so they clinched a Playoff spot over Utah, so they aren't in the Playoffs (again). The Warriors made history with a win over the Grizzlies, getting the best record in NBA history, 73-9. That is absolutely crazy, and the Jazz had a chance to beat them a few weeks ago, but they missed thirteen free-throws in the fourth quarter. Thirteen easy free throws!! The Jazz went against the Lakers in their final game, Kobe's final game. Ever. Keaton had told me his coach did not care how much he shot, because it was Mamba Day. Since I had already heard Houston won, I was rooting for the Lakers and Kobe in his final game. The Jazz blew a lead as much 17 points in the fourth quarter. Kobe had 23 points in the last quarter in his career, as he went for an NBA season-high, and a new career high against the Jazz, sixty points. That had to be the best farewell games in sports history. Only the first day of the Playoffs has happened so far, and nothing very big has happened. I hope you remember your abbreviations, because that is all I am going to type. IND won the first game against TOR, GSW won HOU, ATL won BOS, and OKC won DAL. I was happy about all of those games, but I don't care about the GSW-HOU series. I got a new Charlotte Hornets shootaround shirt. I paid with my own money, and it is quite comfortable. The DiFran Family came to town this week! No, we did not go to Jump 'n Bounce, but it was still fun. We played outside more than half of the day. We played a basketball game, but we were not really trying, so it was funny. Then we played handball. We didn't really try in that too, but it was really fun. And that is when they went to visit other places. There was one really fun game this week at school, where I was one assist of my second triple-double. We did not keep track of the score at all, so the other team's goal was to stop me from getting a triple-double. I had 19 points, 7 assists, and 14 rebounds at the end of the first recess. I did not take one shot (even though I'm the best player) and came up one assist short. There is still plenty I could talk about, but this letter is long enough, right?     Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, this was a pretty interesting week. Keaton and I are playing a game where we have a mini basketball and we go on Jacob's yard and shoot it from all the way of there. I have made it about 4 times and he has made it like 7 times or something. Kobe had his last game of his awesome career on Wednesday. He got a game winner to go along with 60 points! That was the season high of the league. Golden State beat the record for wins in a season. They were 73-9. Which beat the 1995-1996 Bull's 72-10. I had three games this week and 2 of them went into overtime! (Each overtime game we won.) In the first overtime game, I got a game winning three, I was about to pass it, but then this guy was about to steal it, so I jacked up a three and banked it in! We won the undefeated team in the second overtime game. We just had the most amazingeresteresterest dinner in the history of dinners!!!!!!!! We had AMAZING ribs, AMAZING mashed potatoes, and AMAZING brazilian cheese rolls. The playoffs has just started yesterday. I want the Clippers to go all the way! Cooper likes Charlotte... ugh. I don't have really anything else to write about this week, so Love ya! ColtBolt

Hey guys.. Sorry.. But another week with not a lot of time to write all you midgets.. But I do have to say something to Colton. I just saw the pictures that Mom sent me... GET A HAIRCUT. Hahaha Love you all!

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