Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week # 60 - Adios Apizaco

Hola todos!

Well... Changes!
It was Saturday night, and we were enjoying a little bit of dinner from Hna. Antonieta, who was baptized just a few hours earlier. It was a good time, and it was already so late (9:10 pm) and we hadn't received any call from the assistants, so I was thinking that we didn't have changes. But then we got the call. While my companion talked to Elder Puente, he took out his planner. I had changes.

It was time for me to leave Apizaco. I was really looking forward to one more change (where there would have been 4 other baptisms), but the Lord has called me to another area. Saying goodbye to Apizaco was pretty hard. At the end of the sacrament meeting, I ALMOST cried.. I didn't really cry, but I did have to hold it back. Many families and different people that I have met here, that I care about a lot. But it is part of the missionary life.

Adios familia Gutierrez

Adios familia Reynosa

Around 9:30 am, Elder Cocom, and another elder dropped me off at the bus heading for Tlaxcala ALONE. That's the new thing now. That the missionaries can travel in public transport alone.. It was pretty weird honestly. But for being a bit introverted, I enjoyed it a bit. :) I took LOTS of photos upon leaving Apizaco! I just need to wait until Wednesday to send them, or just some of them, because it just takes too long through email.

As for my new area, I am in Teotlalzingo.. A place that is even more "pueblo" than Apizaco! They say that Teotlalzingo is even bigger too.. But I will have to see a map to believe that. My new companion is Elder Trillo. He is from Peru! And he has only got 4 months left in the mission, but is looking forward to work to the end together! So I am excited for that! 

That will be it for now, until next week I will be able to tell you all of the adventures of Teotlalzingo!

*** Between Brothers ***

Dear Landon, Golden State is is most likely going to beat the record for wins in a season because they just beat San Antonio and ended their chance to break a record. Warriors are now 72-9 and their last game is at home against Memphis. We had first sage test a week ago and I'm going to have another in about five days. In my three basketball games this week, I would consider that I did pretty good. In two of the games I hit a three pointer. In the third game, I had a little comeback part for myself, I got 6 points in around 18 seconds. At first I hit a three, then my teammate got a steal, passed the ball to me and I got and AND1. I also hit the free throw. I did win only one of the games. Dad got us seven new duck eggs! We can't wait for them to hatch. At school nothing is really happening besides me winning over and over again in Tornado. I don't have anything else to write so, Love ya!   ColtBolt

Dear Landon, it was finally a full week of school, and I got to do a lot of new assignments for school as well. As I have been telling you these past few weeks, SAGE testing is coming up. I'm lucky I got an easier assignment than other people. I got an argumentative essay on whether we have the right amount of homework, or do we need to lessen the hours of homework. I always pick the side with more information, and the side on why we need less homework had plenty of information. I learned a lot of new things about homework, like studies have shown that math and science homework don't even improve students grades. I finished early while writing a lot too. So I now have to get ready for my next SAGE test. My friend Ryan was gone the whole week on a Disney Cruise, and he is pretty much the only the person who could defend me in basketball, so I was ready to go on a roll. I scored double-digits in all of the games I had played (including a 25 point game). But my best game was on Friday. I managed to keep track of how many rebounds, assists, and points I got, and ended with a triple-double. I got 17 points, 12 assists, and 17 rebounds. I have been seeing how high I can jump in basketball, and I could barely hit the rim on 8.5 feet, but that is higher than all of my friends though! Keaton assembled my new soccer goal, and it is definitely better than the crappy one that can't even stand on its own, so we leaned it against the wall in order to play with it. Warriors are now 71-9 and need to win their final two games to maintain the best record in NBA history. Earlier this week they lost yet again at home to the T-Wolves in OT. After that loss against Boston, they had just fallen apart at home. They are going against the Spurs at San Antonio, (who are still undefeated at home) and might lose this game, and will have to settle with tying the record.    Love, Cooper

Dear Landon, arena scheduling for Copper Hills was all last week and it was very stressful. Seniors did it on Monday, juniors on Tuesday, and sophomores did it on Friday. I had a couple schedules written down, but I got my number 1 schedule because Mom is pretty fast. A lot of my other friends got their schedules too. The most stressful class for me was getting Mrs. Beatty's math class. She's Amanda's mom lol, but she's really good. She teaches at West Hills, but I don't have her. She only taught two classes and one of them was during 4th period basketball (which was no other option). She was my first priority because I had no backup for math. I ended up getting her and it all worked out. Whew! We got duck eggs again! They've been in the incubator since last Monday, so we're 1/4th of the way through. Mom didn't seem too thrilled about the cleaning-up-duck poop-and-cheeping-all-day-long part. I'm really excited though because they were really fun and it was cool to see them dive completely underwater in the bathtub. I don't know if you remember, but our best buddies, the Difrancesco's, are coming over tomorrow as they're visiting from California. We gonna party tomorrow! My first SAGE is tomorrow. It's the first of two writing tests, and I suck at writing. We did do a practice SAGE last week on Shakespeare, and I got the highest score in the class! It was really confusing to everyone too because I only completed four of the six paragraphs that we're supposed to do. I hate SAGE though. So yeah... Wuv, Keat

  • Dear Colton: wow! Pretty cool week! Apart from SAGE testing.. That part always sucks.. But oh well. Sounds like you did pretty well for your basketball games! More ducks?! No way! Okay okay okay... I want one named . . . I don't know, but I will think about it! Ah tornado.. I miss that game.. 
  • Dear Cooper: SAGE testing.. I think when I was in elementary school, I believe it was called CRT's or maybe that is something else.. I don't remember. Ugh.. I HATED those essay tests more than anything! Why can't I just have multiple choice and call it done? Hahaha wow. Are you talking about games that you are playing at school? Becaust that is pretty crazy! Haha you better practice your soccer, because I am getting pretty good... Just kidding. At least better! 
  • Dear Keaton: I remember only having to do Arena scheduling one time, after that, one of my friend's mom hooked me up big time. She worked for Herriman, specifically for registation, so I just made the schedule I wanted, gave it to her, and she got it for me! Pretty awesome of her! Haha I remember Dad loving the ducks, so it doesn't surprise me that they are back, ahah. The question is if all 7 will hatch this time? Hopefully yes! But it would be a lot more work! Haha good luck with the future ducklings, and SAGE!
*** Step Stats ***
Two weeks ago, Elder Blackham didn't send me his steps. This past week he did, but I forgot to input them into Fitbit to get my step stat comparison. Here are his steps for the week, I'll try to get to inputting them and making sure everyone else is updated so we can see where everyone stands on steps again! Especially in a new area ...  as I don't have my usual Fitbit image, I'll just post MY steps in parenthesis after Landon's, so we can see how the two of us lined up anyway.

Monday, April 4 - 17780 (Mommy ... 30720)
Tuesday, April 5 - 16659 (Mommy ... 26843)
Wednesday, April 6 - 10550 (Mommy ...26590)
Thursday, April 7 - 9171 (Mommy ... 23108)
Friday, April 8 - 19830 (Mommy ...14552)
Saturday, April 9 - 15822 (Mommy ... 11620)
Sunday, April 10 - 8200 (Mommy ... 6078)

Being a SAHM with kids in school, I do have oodles of time to exercise. Mon-Thurs I almost always get in an hour on the elliptical (in a few sessions throughout the day) and an hour of Zumba. The weekends ... not so great, as I get distracted with other stuff, and take Sunday as a rest day. Cooper STILL had me beat this past week, but I do think I passed up Keaton, Colton and Callahan. Although, as I didn't officially check the numbers ... who knows?

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